Suicide Awareness


Keep It On Your Lips

& Spread the Word

Suicide Awareness


Keep It On Your Lips

& Spread the Word

About Us

Our Mission


Our mission at the LIPNOTES Foundation is to save and empower lives. To open up conversation around suicide and mental health issues; and to inspire hope in others. 

 Hope is the fuel for all great lives lived. When people have hope they start to fight for their life and future. 

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Our Vision


Our main mission at LipNotes is to create a ripple effect through building a worldwide community where we all intentionally acknowledge and empower each person we come in contact with daily with the simple yet powerful message,

“I see you! YOU MATTER. Your life matters and what you do with it matters.”

If everyone took a moment to sow hope into the lives of those placed in their path we would all get the necessary daily doses of hope. The hope needed to stay in the game of life long enough to become who we are meant to become and develop our gifts to make the world a better place. 

 When and only when we connect with our purpose do we truly experience joy, success and satisfaction and this is a life worth living. 

Together We Can Save Lives


Most suicides can be prevented. However the majority of individuals don't ask for help because of the stigma associated with depression and mental health issues.

 It is vital we remove this judgement and open up the conversation so support can be offered through the many resources that are available.

Let's Stop Suicide. No one should die by their own hand with their song still in them, unsung.

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You Matter Challenge Experience

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Listen to my Story

Who -What - Why

Founder Becca Levie


Yes! I am sitting on a big pile of fresh hot manure and smiling.  

My mother abandoned me and my two sisters, I was only  8 and my sisters were 2 and 4 years old.   Pointing to a little old lady with puppies as she ushered us from the car she said: 

"Play with the puppies and I will be back in a few hours."

 We never spoke to her again.  This loss along with  being a victim of sexual, verbal and physical abuse led me to attempt  suicide at the age of 13.  

 It took me years to learn to take the "crap" in my life and turn it into fertilizer and step into joy and my purpose. #CrapAlchemy

If I had died at the young age of 13, I would have missed out on being a wife, mother, CEO of my own company,  leader of a multi-million dollar sales organization, author, speaker and now Founder of:


With all I have to be thankful for and my love of our human family, I can't sit by and not share what I know with as many of my fellow travelers as I can.  We need to choose to live, and not just survive, but live the life we were born for.

Host a presentation for your school or group.

 "Crap Alchemy",  turn your trials, pain and heartaches into purpose, your crappy experiences into fertilizer; and experience for yourself the You Matter process and then become part of the solution and  accept our YOU MATTER challenge. 

 Let's make a difference together!


Suicide attempt survivor and story teller Becca Levie is Founder of The LipNotes Foundation and The Yes You Matter Movement. 

She is CEO of BKNN and a top leader in a Direct Sales company where she mentors and motivates a large organization which sells over 30 million dollars a year in home fragrance. She is the author of Remember Who You are - Born for Greatness.  Next to being a wife and mother her passion is awakening audiences to the power of hope and purpose through sharing her own story of trauma turned triumph through what she calls Crap Alchemy. 

Keep It On Your Lips


Over a year ago as I sat in my kitchen shedding tears over all the suicides in our small community I raised my eyes to heaven and asked what can I DO?

I felt inspired to let people know they are seen and that THEY MATTER.

 I started a  personal, You Matter bag project.  I would hand write a note and include some candy and most importantly a YOU MATTER lip balm and put it all into a bag and then hand out these bags to teens and adults through out the day. 

The lip balm is important because it involves four senses, smell, sight touch and taste.  It literally keeps the message YOU MATTER on their lips.  

The purpose of the lip balm is each and every time they would see and use the balm they would remember how they felt when they first received it and to remember every day  that people see them, care and that their life matters

For over a year I handed out over a 1000 You Matter bags and along the way a few friends joined me.  It has been the most life changing experience.  People say I have saved their life but I am really the one who has been blessed by this experience. 

May of 2019, I once again found myself asking is there was more I could do.  I felt strongly to share my YOU MATTER project with others and invite them to join me in this cause to save and empower lives. We need to help each other to become contributors to life and not a statistic. 

The response in taking this mission public has been incredible.  Please join me in saving and empowering lives. Contact me to see how you can help. Donations are a big part of keeping, Yes! YOU! MATTER going and growing. 

Suicide Statistics


3000 people kill themselves everyday.

1 fellow traveler every  40 seconds.

For every 1 homicide, 3 suicides. 

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death in the age group 10-14

Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in the age group 15-24

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. 

We can change this together.

If you are having suicidal thoughts please call the National Suicide Prevention Hot Line


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